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LETTER: Mental illness can start in childhood

To the editor:

In light of all the recent shootings and suicides of late, perhaps it's time to take a different look at what is going on. Mental issues don't just pop into someone's head, and they decide to do something crazy. It is a long slow process that starts as a youngster.

Whether it's from bullying, abuse or other issues, we need to have programs in place where these kids can feel safe to talk, to be nurtured. The REACH program at Alexandria Area High School is one such program that we as a community need to get behind. Please think about considering a donation to the Dragonfly Mental Wellness Foundation. All donations are deductible.

There will be a fundraiser on Nov. 18 at Broadway Ballroom at 5 p.m. Tickets are $40 and all proceeds go to the REACH program at AAHS. Tickets are available at Re-Max, 217 N Nokomis. Sooner or later, everyone will be affected by suicide or worse. What if we could have prevented that?

Robin Niedenfuer

Alexandria, MN