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Oberservations from the Archives: 1917: Storm kills three horses, destroys barns

1917, 100 years ago: Louis Malmgren of Lake Mary reports that other than taking the two big doors off his barn, the chimney from his house and blowing down trees, the storm last week did no damage to him greatly. His neighbor, Tom Hvezda, lost his fine big barn and three horses were killed outright and the fourth so badly injured that there is little hope of its recovery.

Oliver Hanson of Urness reported that Oscar Sheflo lost his new barn in the storm. This is reported as the largest barn in Grant County and erected at a cost of $4,000. He suffered the loss of his barn last year; also in a storm that swept over that part of Grant County.

A thief entered the house of Carl Schmidt, Leaf Valley, and stole $200. He entered the house after removing a screen, which he did not fasten again when he left. He left a hammer lie by the window.

1967, 50 years ago: A computer will be installed in the Alexandria Area Technical school in October to begin a two-year course of computer programming which is the newest course offered at the tech school. A promising future is offered to the young people fortunate enough to be enrolled in these classes with a beginning salary far above average.

The new 36-by-60-foot conservation building is nearing completion in the wooded area close to the former conservation display at the fairgrounds. The building was built by carpentry students at the tech school and is now being fitted with cages and a central sunken fish pond in a natural setting. More than 30 varieties of wildlife will be on exhibit during the Douglas County Fair.

1992, 25 years ago: The corridor of the recently abandoned Burlington Northern railroad track in Douglas County might someday become a link in a hiking trail system that stretches across America, from coast to coast, according to David Burwell, president of the Washington D.C.-based "Rails-to-Trails" Conservancy (RTC).

Over 3,000 people attended Air Fest '92 at Alexandria's airport. Coordinated by Bill Haskins, highlights included the Pepsi Skydancer, John Mohr, The Vanguards, Eugene Olson and Greg Fieber, as well as the plane rides and the huge C-130 military supply plane.

A lease agreement has been signed between Bethany Home and the Young People's Place for a child day-care center in the Bethany facility. The center will be licensed for 12 infants, seven toddlers and 20 pre-schoolers.

2007, 10 years ago: Trucks and a backhoe began demolishing the old K & K Sports building along Third Avenue East in Alexandria. Phase one of the "Hawthorne Village Business and Retail Park" — a 32,000 square-foot development — will begin soon.

After a lengthy delay, the County Road 42/34/11 reconstruction project finally got the go-ahead. Douglas County District Court ruled that the county had sufficient evidence for not pursuing a more in-depth environmental study.

JUST FOR FUN 1967, 50 years ago: Shop Kolstad's...Alexandria's store for lads and dads. For back-to-school check out the newest slacks! Hopsack, new earth shades and durable press for $5.95 to $7.95. Windowpane, classic styling...variety of colors, sizes 29-36 for $7.95.

SPORTS TRIVIA 1967, 50 years ago: Four women from Alexandria competed in the world Horseshoe Tournament in Fargo, ND. The tourney drew a record number of 324 participants from 40 states. Arlene Bosek finished second and Lil Lybeck third in the Class B division. Both girls are members of the winning women's horseshoe team in the Alexandria Horseshoe League. Dessie Halliday of Riverton, Wyoming edged out Bosek in the final game to win the title

And 2007, 10 years ago: Barry Williams, better known as Greg Brady of the 1970's TV show, The Brady Bunch, threw out the first pitch at the Beetles August 2 baseball game. He also sang the National Anthem.

Rachel Barduson of Alexandria is a regular contributing columnist to the Echo Press Opinion page.