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It's Your Turn: Readers debate intersection strategies

This experimental small roundabout is at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Lake Street. It designed to slow down traffic but some drivers use them incorrectly. (Alexis Habberstad | Echo Press)

This "It's Your Turn" includes comments posted on the Echo Press Facebook page about temporary traffic projects the city of Alexandria installed at two intersections on Fifth Ave., Lake and Maple St., to address speeding concerns. The devices include speed bumps and a small traffic circle or roundabout. The city is testing both methods to see which one is more effective.

Brian Alvstad: How bout the city just put up two stop signs and not waste money on this stuff?

Dylan Betsinger: You must not understand the benefits of a roundabout.

Katie Noyés: This intersection is not that bad. I used to live near it. Put in a four-way, call it good. Concentrate on intersections that are far worse, please!

Pat Koep: I would like to know how much this will cost us?

Al Edenloff (Echo Press news editor): The total cost for the temporary materials was $800.

Dee Brown: New fad! Roundabouts, which confuse most and should slow traffic but do not, are causing more problems. At least with stop signs you stop and take turns because you should know who has the right of way. Now cars stop in the inner ring of roundabout and wait for those entering to do so!

Mary Ellen Lyman: Ahh, if only people knew the rules of the "right of way" at a four-way stop. Most don't, apparently, and it's most frustrating!

Joshua Burnett: They are trying to fix a problem we don't have.

Troy Issendorf: Roundabouts are a great solution to achieve flow, safely and with less expense. The reason you see them more is because they work.

Mike Gruenes: Call me crazy but building a roundabout vs. four-way stop signs adds quite a bit of expense. Not to mention the maintenance it takes to keep the landscaping up to par in the middle.

Troy Issendorf: Ever been on Nokomis at 4:30 p.m? It's a disaster. Stop signs back up traffic terribly, because it's a slow process. Stop lights are better than signs, but are quite spendy, but still worse for flow.

Missie Norby: My parents live in this neighborhood. I personally feel the biggest issue is the lack of parental supervision. Again last night when we were there, there's just a small child out wandering around in the neighborhood alone like people want someone to come steal their kids or run them over. Roads are for cars not for kids.

Jon Penfield: Roundabouts are great but not in every situation. Instead of redoing intersections completely, put up some stop signs. Get rid of all the uncontrolled intersections; those are dangerous.

Jacky Folsom: Hate those things (roundabouts). They're a breeding ground for accidents. Drivers don't pay attention to each other as they dash in to be first.

Gregg Vieregge: A speed limit sign would have been the cheaper option.

Jeremy Williams: People who don't know how to fully operate a motor vehicle often think these things are more dangerous and inconvenient when actually they're more convenient and have proven to be a lot safer than other alternatives.

Tracie Noe Berglund: A complete waste of taxpayers' dollars at work here. A four-way stop would make much more sense. I have been verbally attacked driving on 5th going under the speed limit by people in that area. And unfortunately, I know I'm not the only one that has happened to. There are many uncontrolled intersections in this city and streets with a lot of traffic. Does this mean every intersection and street will be tested? Or is the city just trying to appease one or two families?

Brandon Strouth: A stop sign does not force drivers to stop. Roundabouts are much safer and a much better way to slow down traffic vs. stop signs. Unfortunately, small town Alex is just a decade behind larger cities so they are just starting to show up here. There are about 10 areas in Alex where they should have been installed years ago.

Tammy Ruppert: My grandsons are protected by this so I'm glad to have my tax dollars paying for this.

Brian Hedstrom: It takes qualified drivers to navigate and understand a roundabout. Stop signs are simple and straightforward.

Steve Pederson: Ran across that the other day. Was barely enough room between the curb and the roundabout. Can't wait until a semi comes down that road.

Danny Knapper: One thing they didn't think of is delivery trucks. We can't choose where our customers live. I can go over speed bumps but I don't fit through there.

Shawn Olson: This is probably the best option. Speed bumps are not a good option, and four-way stops are a hassle for everyone.

Jessica Cook: I drove through last week when there was speed bumps. I preferred that!