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Letter: Putting God in a box

To the editor:

What size box do you put God in? God has been here forever and will be here forevermore. Time does not exist for God. You can't hurry God. God does not "snap his fingers" and make things happen. God is a being of evolution. He is in the business of creating universes, galaxies, worlds and life.

What do you think is out past our universe? Nothing? Is there a box around the universe? To truly believe in God of all, you have to believe that there are no boundaries for God. If you go far enough away from this universe, there will be more universes, more life. God starts a universe with a single dot of energy. It explodes, expands and eventually, after trillions of years, dies out and disappears. After untold years, there will be another universe born and another and another, no matter which way in the sky you look.

This is called the multi-verse. It is God's creation. To believe anything else, is to put God in a little box. The universe is approximately 15 billion years old. The Earth is 5 billion years old. To think otherwise, because of what you think or read, is to put God in a little box. People can say or write anything about God. They are not God. No one truly has any idea of the mind of God.

Where do you think heaven is? It is right here, only in another plain of existence or dimension.l There are as many dimensions as there are universes. It is never ending. To think otherwise, is to put God in a little box. Everyone has a conscience and free will given by God. Look within your heart for the true answers. Dream big! You cannot out dream your creator. Live large and live for God.

Stuart Grosenick

Garfield, MN