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It's time to change Sunday liquor law

To the editor:

Imagine if the State of Minnesota told Alexandria area small business owners, "We don't think you can profit selling insurance on Friday, or that you can't profit by selling sandwiches, or hardware, or gasoline, or donuts, or pizza on Wednesdays, so you and all other businesses that sell those items have to close on Wednesdays. It's state law."

That seems far-fetched, intrusive and unrealistic, right? Well, it happens every Sunday to liquor store owners and it's about time we change that.

Minnesota loses millions in state tax revenue every year from residents crossing into Wisconsin, Iowa and the Dakotas to buy alcohol on Sundays. Ending the massively inconvenient restriction would keep Minnesota residents shopping in-state instead of out-of-state. It is also important to note that when you and I, aka the customer, cross the border to buy beer or liquor, consumers are also buying gas, grabbing lunch or shopping at the mall. Minnesota misses out on all that extra economic activity as well.

Bottom line is this: There are no legitimate policy reasons for the state or this Minnesota Legislature to continue to interfere for one day each week in a tiny segment of one industry. Minnesota liquor store owners should have the right to open, or be closed, on Sundays if they choose and the marketplace allows. At its heart this legislation is not about liquor on Sundays — it is about economic freedom. Know where your legislator stands on this common sense legislation? If you do not, you should!

David Anderson

Lonsdale, MN