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Keep 'Made in Minnesota' program

To the editor:

Currently, the Republicans are pushing to rescind the "Made in Minnesota" program which has stimulated rural development and created jobs where they are needed. Right here in Alexandria, Alexandria Industries makes some of the components used in the installations.

It stands to reason those jobs will disappear if the Republicans are successful. Also, they have a bill which would give solar owners no protection if the utilities want to charge us an arm and a leg for connecting to the grid. Wouldn't this put one more barrier up for a potential solar customer? Would this encourage or discourage folks from going solar? Who stands to benefit from these regressive measures?

Republicans preach jobs, jobs, jobs, when they are subsidizing industrial agriculture and other industries, but when it comes to clean energy which creates jobs, reduces air pollution, and being free, would reduce the $30 million Minnesota spends every year on coal-produced electricity. Why would our representatives support this?

Today, I'm calling Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen and Representative Mary Franson to ask that they think again about these bills.

Jeanne Johnson

Minnesota 7th Congressional District

Citizens Climate Education Network

Alexandria, MN