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Another wasteful and intrusive government crusade

To the editor:

So, do you think that our bankrupt and deficit funded government needs to find more ways to waste our tax dollars? Then, be of good cheer, as the Obama Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which has presided over a string of costly failed programs, is planning to burden us with a new crusade called "Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing."

The program will create a massive database (NSA, anyone?) on "segregation and discrimination" in every single neighborhood in the USA.

Isn't that great? Don't we just need another government bureaucracy on steroids building more huge files on all our activities?

When the data is in HUD's hands, they can use whatever cosmic divination they choose to declare where "segregation and discrimination" exist. Hint: that means every neighborhood with low minority populations. Then, HUD will do "something." There are no rules or guidelines in what "something" includes.

I have to wonder why our government, which can't pay its bills even as it sucks up increasing percentages of our incomes, has to waste our time and money on more political theater. Is this just another ruse by the 0bama administration to foment racial tensions and divide our nation even more dramatically, while driving us into deeper debt to finance this fiasco?

Bill Schulz

Fergus Falls, MN