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Letter - Man has searched for happiness, harmony since beginning of time

To the editor:

What is the secret for eternally happy conscious life? Man has searched for that missing element in life since the beginning of time. His relentless search for "something more" is responsible for all religions, mythologies and spiritual paths.

What he is searching for is harmony with himself and with the universe; harmony he knows he does not have now.

When a person does find the secret of conscious life, he becomes filled with a feeling that becomes omnipresent. Perhaps the closest one can come to explaining that feeling is growing exhilaration. Here's what it really is: You discover harmony with the world around you, with the universe, and with yourself.

When one discovers harmony with oneself, with the world around him and the universe, then he or she will honestly want to live forever. Now we must discover the secret for eternally happy conscious life, a secret buried deep within the universe.

To understand ourselves and our relationship with the universe, we must look at the role of consciousness throughout the universe. In fact, creation is how consciousness controls the universe.

The role of consciousness throughout the universe is creation, to be the creator. The nature of consciousness is creation, or value creation.

Your becoming the value creator on Earth puts you in harmony with your nature, the world around you and the universe, and is the secret for eternally happy conscious life.

Mark Thronson

Alexandria, MN