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Letter - Take time to know your man

To the editor:

On the coffee shop chalk board today was this question, "What is your best Valentine's Day advice?" Here's what I wrote: "Girls, go to him eagerly."

Perhaps I'm only speaking for myself and revealing my own needs, but more than anything I want my wife to be genuinely interested in me. Toby Keith's popular song I Wanna Talk About Me hit a nerve in Country Music's America that everyone recognized and nervously laughed at. He says he likes to talk to her about her things but sometimes he wants to talk to her about himself. He wants her to lean in and be interested in him.

Years ago, Dale Carnegie's wife wrote a book about helping your husband succeed. One of her key thoughts was that any wife would make herself valuable to her husband (boyfriend, partner) by taking some time to learn about the things he was involved in. That's taking a bit of time to set aside one's personal interests and actively interesting oneself in the other.

There's an old saying that goes something like this: "A man is more interested in a woman who's interested in him than in a woman with a great body." This is eminently true. Ladies, do it with eagerness and enthusiasm and your guy will love you for it!

Mark Weise

Brandon, MN