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Column - 2003: Stoplight denied for North Nokomis

The following is a collection of stories and other items that were included in Alexandria newspapers over the years.



T.A. Erickson has accepted a call from the Board of Regents at the University of Minnesota and therefore, has resigned as superintendent of the Douglas County schools... The Gunderson-Raiter block was destroyed by a fire that started in the basement of the E.O. Unumb building. His loss included stock estimated at $40,000, but insured for $20,000. The building was constructed nine years ago for $18,000. Other losses included Raiter Brothers Shoe Store, and several doctor and attorney offices on the second floor. Senator Gunderson's law library, considered one of the best in the state, was destroyed. Dr. Ruud saved his medical books and records by throwing them from the upstairs window. Most others had little or no insurance.



The Jaycees have named Dr. William Heegaard as Alexandria's Outstanding Young Man of the Year and Osakis farmer Robert Ferris as Douglas County's Outstanding Young Farmer of the Year... Les Gaugert of Spring Valley has been elected president of Farmer's National Bank of Alexandria, thus replacing the late A.C. Schneiderhan, who died early in December... The city council voted to apply for a grant to cover half the cost of installing sewer lines in Victoria Heights... Nurse Laurel Shear is accredited in saving Red Owl butcher Melvin Brandenburg from bleeding to death from an injury while attempting to separate two frozen food packages... Fourteen-thousand county residents took their first dose of the Sabin polio vaccine at area clinics. The second and third doses will be dispensed in April and May.



A frog was gently evicted from the cab of Steve and Hillard Nelson's Ford tractor as it was brought to the surface three days after it crashed through the ice in more than 30 feet of water in Lake Chippewa... The possibility of starting a snowmobile club was discussed at the annual meeting of the Douglas Area Trails Association, the organization that grooms and maintains more than 400 miles of snowmobile trails in a four-county area... An article on the Dakota Bar and Grill on the front page of the "Taste" section of the Star Tribune mentions that the popular restaurant uses dried beef made at Carlos Lockers... Dan Mahoney, Douglas County's first baby of the year, received an infant car seat from the Douglas County Hospital Auxiliary.



About 40 residents in hopes of getting a stoplight on North Nokomis left City Hall with disappointment when it was explained that the side streets did not meet state requirements for such action... Karin Weigel took some fabric, a zipper, some elastic, and hooking loops toys to make a Zip-N-Play, a gadget to entertain infants and children in a car-seat, stroller or in almost anything to which it can be attached... Ken Amundson of Amundson Violin, a third-generation violin guru, recently restored an 1870s-era violin owned by Dan Tyminski, who sang Man of Constant Sorrow in the movie O Brother Where Art Thou. He has restored instruments for many Branson and Nashville artists, including Ricky Skaggs.

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Marge Van Gorp of Alexandria is a regular contributing columnist to the Echo Press Opinion page.