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Column - 1963: District seeks damages for faulty heating system at JHS

The following is a collection of stories and other items that were included in Alexandria newspapers over the years.



Citizen News - front page - 1/15/1913: Scientists discovered that women who button and hook their own dresses down the back never have appendicitis, croup, colds nor hoarseness. Every man should consider the welfare of his wife and not jeopardize their health by insisting on doing this work. The scientists who made a study of the relationship of cause and effect say that the exercise and contortions that a woman goes through in trying to reach an unreachable hook or button relieves the pressure on her back bone and brings great relief to a woman who is suffering from a case of nerves. Her effort causes her to breathe deep, developing her lungs, and the constant reaching for the invisible and unattainable develops her arms until they are rounded and plump, making it possible for many otherwise scrawny-armed women to wear short sleeved dresses.



The Alexandria City Council accepted the following bids for the new fire hall: Engelen Construction of Springfield, $94,336, Kain Plumbing and Heating, $31,965 and Moore Electric of Marshall, $8,560. Cost of the new building is $134,861, $125,000 of which is provided for by last year's bond issue. Construction of the 94' x 90' building on 7th Avenue and Broadway will begin next week... A lawsuit of almost unprecedented complexity is under way. Alexandria School District 206 is seeking damages for what they allege was an inadequate and faulty heating system installed during the construction of Jefferson High School... Bob's Clothes Shop is featured in a New York City newspaper for clothing executives for its successful Ivy League department, "R-J Showcase," created for the 16-24 age group.



Preliminary plans for Discovery Elementary School were accepted... A misty drizzle mixed with 35 mile-an-hour winds caused school closings throughout the area... Emery C. Swanson, a food chemist who developed the one-step angel food mix, recently died. The former Alexandria resident also developed the technology whereby rough fish could be made into mock crab, a process he sold to a Norwegian company for $1 million... A Wisconsin management company, which includes former Green Bay Packers Bart Starr and Robert Long, has purchased the Alex Mobile Home Park... Osakis Mayor CJ Mohror and his dog had a visitor at his ice fish house. It was a Baltimore Sun reporter who had never seen a frozen lake, let alone people fishing through ice.



Record high temperatures brought out skateboards for Zach Conover and his friends on Monday and golfers were spotted walking at Nordic Trails. The reality of winter returned Thursday when cold, wind and snow blew into town... Peter Krause, an Alexandria-born actor, is up for a Golden Globe Award as Best Actor in Six Feet Under... With a vote of four-to-one, the city of Nelson turned down an offer for a large housing development in the city... Two recent law enforcement crackdowns on drunk driving left 161 drivers a bit lighter in the wallet and another 14 were arrested for drunk driving... Lee Urness, 1964 Jefferson graduate and an investigator with the Minnesota Fugitive Task Force, is writing his own account in the nation-wide search for multi-murderer Andrew Cunanan.

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Marge Van Gorp of Alexandria is a regular contributing columnist to the Echo Press Opinion page.