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Column - 1912: New fire whistle should awaken soundest sleepers

The following is a collection of stories and other items that were included in Alexandria newspapers over the years.


JULY 1912

Alexandria's new fire whistle was installed and, judging from the way it echoes in the atmosphere, it ought to awaken the soundest sleeper on the fire department... The front page of the Citizen News included: Step-by-step instructions on how to build a grain stack, and also: Hot weather rules for horses... Douglas County residents are learning that banks are safer than stockings and tin cans. Total deposits in county banks reached $2,348,876 by June 30... A man said, "Baseball reminds me of a household because of the plate, the batter, the fouls and the flies." His wife said, "It reminds me of marriage. The diamond represents the engagement. Then there are struggles, hits, men going out, and finally, their difficulty in getting home".


JULY 1962

A painting of the old Alexandria stockade by rural artist Ada Johnson was

unveiled at the dinner reception for Governor Elmer Anderson... The Kiwanis

welcomed 90-year-old Hjalmer Holand, author of four books on the Runestone

and Nordic exploration, as guest speaker during Runestone Festival Days... Gary Henningsgaard, third place winner in the State Jaycee Safe-Driving Contest, placed higher than any other previous local entry in the state event... Pete Boerner and Bob Pomerenke, former Alexandria athletic stars, have taken over the golf driving range on Old Highway 29, across from Northside Floral... A budget dispute brought about an immediate resignation from Russ Rolandson, city recreation director for the past 10 years.


JULY 1987

It is estimated that more than 10,000 people attended the Vikingland Band

Festival where 20 bands competed for prizes. Litchfield High School took top honors. Willmar won first for most outstanding percussion section and also for its top performing color guard... Carpenters are "raising the dust" at the old Knute Nelson home throughout its restoration to become the new

headquarters for the Douglas County Historical Society... Nineteen fire

departments and several hundred people gathered in Osakis to celebrate the

100th birthday of the Osakis Fire Department... Authorities are looking for a hit-and-run driver who snapped off a power pole, plowed through a flower bed, crashed through the garage and into the house of Barb Hoyhota in Carlos at 1:30 in the morning.


JULY 2002

Natalie Heckert, owner of Nutrition and Aerobic Training Service, was named fourth runner-up in the Mrs. Minnesota pageant... Author-illustrator Jodi Hills has written a book inspired by and dedicated to her mother, entitled I Am Amazed: Take a Look Around and You Will Be, Too... Shelley Stokes of Miltona was a first-place winner at the Minnesota Quilt Show for "Refracted Plaid" in the Mixed Techniques Division... The 2000 Douglas County census revealed its profile as 45.1 percent German, 27.1 percent Norwegian, 13.6 percent Swedish and 8.1 percent Irish... The Golden Eagle Trap Range is preparing for the first State Invitational Trap Shoot to be held in Alexandria... Alexandria native Dan Perdue will follow in his father's footsteps when he steps on the Theatre L'Homme Dieu (TLHD) stage as "Scanlon" in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. His father, Jim, had his debut at TLHD in 1961; TLHD's first year.

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Marge Van Gorp of Alexandria is a regular contributing columnist to the Echo