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Letter - ELCA should maintain relationship with God

To the editor:

Several years ago, a troubling symptom began to show up in the ELCA, called "revisionism." It went largely undetected by most people until last August in Minneapolis.

The issue that brought it to the fore was the change in ordination standards to allow the ordination of non-celibate (practicing) gay and lesbian pastors. It is now threatening the survival of our ELCA.

Some members and churches have begun corrective measures like re-directing benevolences away from the ELCA and sending them directly to missions. Others are choosing to separate from the ELCA as from the root of the problem. People are voting with their money and their feet.

Still others find inspiration and support in movements for renewal and reform, like WordAlone, Coalition for Renewal (CORE), Lutheran Churches in Mission for Christ (LCMC). And yet, while these groups are available for information and help, many continue to ignore them because of misinformation and pay the price for being alone and misinformed.

Some pastors, especially, have been slow to see the ELCA's defection from Scripture and our Lutheran Confessions, and are hesitant to offer support for the Scripture as "the final authority in all matters of faith and life."

A new twist has been offered for those who want to use the Scriptures to support their own whims. Namely, to claim that their "conscience is bound" by whatever their conscience believes. For Luther, his conscience was "bound by the Word of God."

If we do not address this revision of Scripture now, who knows where it will end. Our best hope as the church is to rely upon the holy Scripture's teaching, not the "political correctness" of the cultural progressives. And let us not neglect to be in prayer that our church and our country will maintain a right relationship to God.

Elder Peterson

Glenwood, MN