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Letter - Salvation Army can help with basic needs

To the editor:

The Douglas County Salvation Army is a recipient of the Otto Bremer Foundation Emergency Fund grant. This grant will enable The Salvation Army to assist additional people in meeting their basic needs this year.

The local Salvation Army's funds are raised through the Red Kettle Bell Ringer Campaign, the United Way and individual donors that support the mission of helping those in need.

The requests for assistance this year and the amount of each emergency is the largest it has been in recent history. There is an assumption that rural communities are not as affected as larger communities. The reality is the cost of energy, reduced working hours and layoffs create hardships for people wherever they live. We appreciate that the Bremer Bank together with the Otto Bremer Foundation didn't see it that way and has reached out to help our area.

While we all wish that our economy's situation reverses itself quickly, it may take longer than we think it should. Until the economy reverses, perhaps those with means to do so will meet this challenge we have by modeling Bremer and reaching out with "helping hands" to those who are struggling.

Jennie Hevern, outreach volunteer,

Douglas County Salvation Army

Alexandria, MN