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Paid Political Letter: Stratton would help protect water quality

To the editor:

After being president of the Douglas County Lakes Association for a number of years and working with the Douglas County Commissioners, I feel that Jim Stratton needs to stay on to help us protect our water quality. We have been working with Soil and Water, Land and Resources and DNR and we need to keep this communication going in the right direction.

Over the past year, Jim has been working with DCLA to bring about setting up the Douglas County Water Quality Legacy Fund with West Central Initiative to help offset the matching funds that are needed for the grants that we request. This is something that is so badly needed and we got $5,000 from DCLA and another $5,000 from Douglas County to get this set up and hope to get ongoing funding through the years from the county and our citizens.

He is a write-in candidate but they can win. He helped us with the water. So, vote for Jim.

Jan Beliveau

Former president of DCLA

Alexandria, MN

(Paid political letter)