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Law Enforcement Blotter: Sept. 7-9


Friday, Sept. 7

Assist other agency, Grant County requested assistance with foot pursuit, possible weapons.

Assist other agency, assisted Alexandria Police Department with foot pursuit.

Animal complaint, caller reported dog barking for past 35 minutes.

Property damage crash, vehicle versus deer, deer needs to be dispatched, County Road 26 SW, County Road 7 SW, Farwell.

Saturday, Sept. 8

Suspicious activity, caller reported man trying to kick caller’s door in, man stumbled toward the trail, person arrested for disorderly conduct, Nelson.

Property damage crash, vehicle versus deer, deer is dead, vehicle was towed, no injuries reported, County Road 5 NE, Hemlock Road NE, Carlos.

Personal injury crash, rollover, unknown if injuries, call transferred to State Patrol, Interstate 94.

Public assist, caller had questions about mowing road ditch, questions answered about bailing hay in the right of way, Osakis.

Assist other agency, traffic control for motorcycle ride.

Conservation, caller reported loon at the end of the dock with rapala and line stuck to it.

Fraud, caller reported a counterfeit $100 bill.

Motorist assist, driver shut off lights accidentally, was trying to get them back on.

Property damage crash, vehicle versus deer, helped get vehicle off road, gave ride home, County Road 73 NE, County Road 9 NE, Nelson.

Noise complaint, loud music coming from across the street.

Sunday, Sept. 9

Suspicious activity, caller came home to find stove on and rags on the stove, Kensington.

Animal complaint, caller reported two large horses on the road.

Shooting complaint, caller reported hunters shooting doves near houses, shooting from golf carts, hunters located, advised to be aware of surroundings, not to shoot toward houses or powerlines, Miltona.

Suspicious activity, caller reported two males and one female on dock, concerned for female, caller stated things just didn’t seem right, nothing really going on, but caller had gut feeling, people checked on, everything was fine, taking photos.

Assist other agency, caller heard a loud explosion outside, unsure what it was.

Driving complaint, vehicle all over the road.

Suspicious activity, caller reported man came to house, asking about gravel pit, after man left, drove down road, turned around, drove past caller’s house at high rate of speed, didn’t stop at stop sign.


Friday, Sept. 7

Animal complaint, report of dead cat in the middle of the road.

Animal complaint, report of dogs barking.

Animal complaint, caller reported pitbull on the loose, disturbing garage sales, dog will be brought to humane society.

Property damage crash, minor crash, Broadway Street.

Suspicious activity, caller wanted to report finding suspicious activity on laptop computer.

Driving complaint, anonymous report of a vehicle that parks in middle of parking area of park, drives at high rate of speed.

Motorist assist, vehicle stalled in middle of intersection.

Property damage crash, two vehicles, minor crash report, 3rd Avenue E., Nokomis Street.

Parking complaint, advised person of city ordinance in regard to trailer parking on streets.

Hit and run, caller reported person backed into trailer, but now denies it, other driver was a witness, minor crash report, Jefferson Street.

Property damage crash, two vehicles, minor crash report, 7th Avenue E., Broadway Street.

Driving complaint, report of driving behaviors.

Driving complaint, report of truck doing donuts in parking lot.

Public assist, man in lobby wants to look at found bikes, searched for his bike, did not locate, advised to stop in Monday to see if police department could get him a bike.

Suspicious person, man walking on road, hard to see, person found, given ride hom.

Saturday, Sept. 8

Juvenile party, possible underage drinking, spoke with parties involved, advised to keep the noise down.

Suspicious vehicle, report of vehicle driving on the Central Lakes Trail, unable to locate.

Drug related activity, caller reports smell of marijuana in apartment complex.

Public assist, traffic control for motorcycle ride.

Property damage crash, two vehicle, no injuries, Highway 29 S.

Suspicious person, caller reported man walking around yards, caller’s husband asked man what he was up to, stated looking for house to rent.

Drug related activity, caller reported someone smoking marijuana in the bathroom.

Suspicious person, report of man walking around neighborhood all day acting strange, said he is looking for rental property.

Criminal damage to property, caller reported window was busted out of van.

Suspicious activity, caller reported two men looking in cars in parking lot.

Suspicious activity, caller reported a haze in the air in his apartment, checked on, it was burnt bacon.

Drug related activity, man in bathroom smoking marijuana.

Fraud, report of employee charging a lot more money on comp’s card then what was needed.

Motorist assist, driver had problems with lights.

Driving complaint, report of vehicle swerving all over, driving at various speeds.

Suspicious activity, concerns with behaviors.

Sunday, Sept. 9

Suspicious person, caller reported very weird male was messing with them, tried to start a fight, thinks he is wanted in another state.

Driving complaint, report of young child standing in front seat of vehicle.

Criminal damage to property, report of vehicles damaged, 4th Avenue E.

Harassment, caller reported another parent called her child names.

Threats, caller reported customer was freaking out, stated customer said he would come back to take care of them.

Property damage crash, 50th Avenue W.

Suspicious activity, caller reported he heard a loud explosion outside, unsure of what it was.

Juvenile trouble, report of two young girls driving around trailer park, one was sitting on the other’s lap.

Suspicious activity, caller reported a male yelling at someone in the area to the north, person checked on, man was yelling at Packers football team on his television.

Drunk, caller reported man knocked on the door, very intoxicated, passed out on caller’s lawn.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

Celeste Edenloff

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