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Letter to the Editor: Media promotes fear-mongering

To the editor:

Larry Leighton (July 27 letter to the editor), if you would have taken the time to read the letter I was referring to and read my whole letter you would realize that it wasn't about President Trump or lies. It was about people who get a piece of information that fits their agenda and then add something to it or throw in a few numbers and pass it on as fact.

I'm the one who said roughly 550 lies would seem like an exaggeration and then you wrote President Trump has lied over 3,000 times. Can you write down or verify one third of those lies? Let alone all 3,000? Can you back them up with good solid facts and not just he said, she said?

Larry, if you can't then you too are adding to the exaggeration and fear-mongering that goes on in the media and this country.

Greg Dropik

Carlos, MN