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Paid Political Letter: Vote for Lessard at attorney general

To the editor:

August 14, Minnesotans will face a major decision as they elect a new State Attorney General. The choice is so very clear in my mind based on my years-long association with one of the AG candidates, Bob Lessard.

Bob served northern Minnesota in the legislature for 26 years during which time he sponsored important legislation which enabled the passage of a constitutional amendment that established the Lessard-Sams Heritage Council. This highly acclaimed measure has generated more than $2 billion in Legacy funding that opens up more Minnesota land for hunting and other outdoor pursuits and also funds outdoor amenities such as improved wildlife habitat, more parks and trails and clean lakes and rivers.

As a legislator, Bob Lessard always stood up for the folks of Greater Minnesota — for the hardworking people in communities like ours. As attorney general he will strive to make sure our voice is heard in St. Paul.

It's so important that we have elected officials like Bob who will work to protect our access to hunt and fish and safeguard our rights as Minnesota citizens. Please vote for Bob Lessard on the August 14 Republican Primary election.

Kevin Gorghuber

Alexandria, MN

(Paid political letter)