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Letter to the Editor: The problem of cognitive dissonance

To the editor:

This is why people get upset when their beliefs are challenged.

A mental conflict occurs when beliefs are contradicted by new information.

This conflict activates areas of the brain involved in personal identity and

emotional response to threats. The brains alarms go off when a person feels

threatened on a deeply personal and emotional level causing them to shut down

and disregard any rational evidence that contradicts what they previously

regarded as the truth.

Information is now coming forth on some of the past and present leaders of

our country and others that contradicts what many people believe to be the

truth. We need to research and understand for ourselves why, what and where

this is happening. Those that understand need to help those that don't as

we are all in this together. Some will never accept anything other than what

they believe, it would destroy them to do so.

Dwight Behn

Alexandria, MN