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Letter to the Editor: Outlandish letter doesn't reflect Muslim views

To the editor:

In response to Margaret Schoeneck's July 6 letter to the editor, she quotes "An Exploratory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America" and states how Muslims are challenged to "perform grand jihad on the West." In reality, this is a letter written in 1991 by a man named Mohamed Akram Adlouni to the Muslim Brotherhood organization. The outlandish call to action in this letter does not reflect the doctrine of the Brotherhood, nor the views of 99.9 percent of Muslims in general, but is merely the opinion of one misled man.

As there are many branches of Islam, as there are Christianity, I will not define in-depth the beliefs of each one. But I can assure you that "eliminating and destroying the Western civilization", as quoted from Adlouni's letter, is certainly only a view supported by a radical group such as al-Qaeda or ISIS and no one else.

The Bridge Initiative, a project put on by Georgetown University, has many good fact-driven articles on their website, including one about Adlouni's letter. It will clear up any concerns, misconceptions, and questions you may have about the letter quoted by Ms. Schoeneck.

Jonathan Miska

Alexandria, MN