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Todd County man drops appeal in manslaughter case

Craig Williams

Craig Williams' appeal of his manslaughter conviction appears to be over.

According to documents filed with the Minnesota Court of Appeals, Williams has voluntarily dismissed his own appeals case.

Williams was convicted early in 2017 of Manslaughter in the death of his ex-wife, Nancy Williams of rural Long Prairie. Williams had originally been charged with 2nd Degree Murder, but the court agreed to a lesser/included charge of Manslaughter-Heat of Passion, for the jury's consideration.

Williams' conviction followed a one-week trial three years after the initial incident.

The appeals case in this matter never really got off the ground.

A typical appeals case will first gather all court transcripts from all proceedings related to the case. This appears to have been a sticking point early in the case as the court was awaiting the final transcription from one of the court reporters after granting an extension.

It is unclear if these delays in the proceedings held any weight in the voluntary dismissal of the case.