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PELICAN WATERSHED DISTRICT Notice is hereby given the Pelican River Watershed District is conducting an aquatic invasive species research project involving sampling and herbicide treatments of Flowering Rush on lakes Big and Little Detroit, Curfman, Sallie and Melissa. Two types of herbicide research treatment plans will take place: 1. Diquat used to treat submersed/mostly submersed Flowering rush in mid-June followed by a second treatment in late-July to early August. It is recommended that irrigation using lake water in treated areas cease for five days after treatment. The research includes assessing the response of Flowering rush to treatments. Please refer to the District's website: or District office at 211 Holmes Street West, Wells-Fargo Bank Bldg, Suite 201, Detroit Lakes, MN to review treatment area maps. Signatures for lake-wide herbicide control of aquatic invasive species are not required for the Pelican River Watershed District Flowering Rush research project as the MN DNR has waived the signature requirement as allowed by state statute. The law requires notification to lakeshore owners on how to opt out of treatments. According to Minnesota Statutes (103G.615, Sec. 78, Subd 3a,b,c), the District is required to notify landowners of proposed treatments, offering them an opportunity to request that treatment not occur on waters adjacent to their property. (Adjacency is defined as waters within 150 feet of the shore lake-ward between property lines). It is the landowner's right to request treatment not be done in front of their property, however it should be noted this project aims to reduce Flowering rush aquatic invasive species populations which interfere with navigation, impair recreational activities, and cause harm to native plant populations. Landowner's may exercise this right by immediately notifying the District in writing of their wish to "opt-out" of any research treatment areas for 2014 prior to the start of treatments. Address such a communication as follows: Tera Guetter, Administrator Pelican River Watershed District 211 Holmes Street West Wells-Fargo Bldg - Suite 201 Detroit Lakes, MN 56501 R-June 15…….........................................................................................1942793