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---- Approved STATE OF MINNESOTA COUNTY OF STEVENS CITY OF HANCOCK MINUTES OF MEETING May 12, 2014 ---- Pursuant to due call and notice the regular monthly council meeting was duly held in the council room on the 12th day of May 2014 at 7:00 p.m. THE FOLLOWING MEMBERS WERE PRESENT: Bruce Malo, Jeff Kisgen, Jeff Flaten and Bob Staples, not present Dennis Schroeder. Mayor Malo presided at the meeting. On Motion by Flaten, seconded by Staples, the council approved the consent agenda, the claims list of $57,111.83 and disbursements of $42,102.97 along with the minutes from the Regular Meeting on April 8, 2014. All approved. Brian Bollig with Bollig Inc. presented a company overview stating they are an Engineering Firm from Willmar focusing on Municipal, Agency, Land, Water Resource and Agricultural. Their mission is to look for leveraged opportunities. The purpose of the presentation was proposing a Quiet Zone to be located at the railroad crossings at 6th St. and Co. Rd. 53. Once established the railroad would no longer blow their horns when passing through these intersections. Each crossing would approximately cost $100,000 or less with no State Aid funding available. With the railroad traffic increasing within the next years Bollig Inc. felt our community would be a good fit for this option. Dave Euerle presented the 2013 Annual Financial Report. Euerle stated improvements were seen but the city is still in need of careful diligence in maintaining a healthy fund balance. Euerle stated the future looks bright. He cautioned the council to stay aware of major payments that need to be made each year on the sewer pond loans. As long as there are no significant repairs to the ponds, the fund balances should stay in good shape. Euerle also stated that the general fund balanced looked better which was because a separate garbage fund was set up last year. This reflected a drop in general fund expenses so therefore, the fund balance increased. The garbage fund had a negative fund balance and Euerle questioned whether the city is charging enough for the administration costs of sending out bills each month. Currently a .25 cent fee is added to cover this cost but this may not be enough. Included in the administration costs are the dumpster fees during clean-up days and other office expenses. Euerle provided a copy of the 2013 Financial Report to the State and recommended the City send a copy to Northland Securities. City Attorney/Carl Thunem reported no action taken over the last month of any significance. The county has hired a new temporary attorney, Tim Rudquist from Fergus Falls who will cover Thunems responsibilities while Thunem leaves for deployment in June. City Clerk/Treasurer Jodi Bedel gave her report. There were no water shutoffs from April. All shutoff notices for May will be sent on Thursday, May 15th. Bedel provided the file pertaining to the issue with the Swenson Insurance check to Officer Steven Henriksen who will be responsible for heading this up. Bedel provided the council a compiled charge and letter regarding the cost of runoff water going into the sanitary sewer system at the Old Bank Building. Bedel reported success at both Pet Clinics with a total of 52 tags purchased at this time while letters to the existing pet license purchasers was sent on May 7, 2014. Second notices for Rental Registrations were sent out on May 7, 2014 with 3 Rental Owners reports still outstanding. Bedel supplied a sealed bid form for review with council agreeing to the deadline of June 6, 2014 at 12:00 PM and ads would be submitted to local newspapers for advertisement for the 2005, F150 Pickup. Due to OSHA regulations Bedel informed council a 3' x 3' area would need to be taped off by breaker boxes located in Community Room. Request to attend the 2014 Clerk's Orientation Conference was presented by Bedel. Motion by Kisgen and seconded by Flaten to approve Bedel to attend this Conference. All Approved. There will be City Wide Clean Up week May 12th - 16th, and a Household Hazardous Water Collection on June 11th from 10 AM-2 PM located at the City Garage. The city office will be closed May 26th due to Memorial Day. Current cash control statement was presented and matched with most recent bank statement and year today budget report. Maintenance Director John Jepma gave his report. The city garage is just about complete. Jepma informed council that the streets have been swept and the mower is ready. Jepma informed council that the new city pickup would arrive the next day and it will then be taken to Schroeder Small Engines to have the tool box installed. Jepma will be working on city wide clean up and flushing of hydrants the week of May 12th. Jepma will also be working on putting the picnic tables and benches out around town. Pro Concrete will be contacting Jepma to set up a time to view sidewalks. Jepma will also be working on removing the snow fence. Jepma stated that at least 4 alleys will need more gravel. Jepma was approved to start 4/10 hour shifts beginning Monday, June 19th through Labor Day. Jepma informed council of inappropriate items being dumped at the burning site and asked to have a camera mounted to view inappropriate disposal. Council suggested pricing out camera options and also looking into signage for site. Jepma also requested the purchase of a new printer to be located at the Water Treatment office. All Approved. Police Chief Steven Henriksen was present and reported on 4/26 he covered Prom Events, and had 1 public assist call, 4/28 an assault call and public assist call, 5/7 suspicious call, 5/9 handgun purchase permit, complaint about neighbor call. Henriksen informed council the police car recall has been completed. Water and Sewer Director Ryan Mogard provided the council with a quote for a pump that would need to be installed before winter. Mogard commented on the cleaning of the water tower and informed council it would cost $2400.00 approximately to clean outside of tower. Council would like to still hear more from the company who will give their presentation in June. Mogard asked the council for approval to allow Engebretson Disposal to dump waste from their porta pot business into the City ponds. The charge to Engebretson's from the city would be $50.00 per load which is approximately 800 gallons per load. Motion by Kisgen and seconded by Staples to allow this disposal. All Approved. HEDA update, a meeting was held on May 5th. Correspondence was provided stating Riley Bros Construction, Inc. would assume liability of any damage done to buildings adjacent and plans to take all necessary precaution to avoid such occurrences. Concerns were expressed that when removed the lot not be made into another gravel parking lot. Malo stated that HEDA had been discussing options including a possible park. The lot will be owned by the city after the demolition. Motion by Flaten and seconded by Staples to proceed with the demolition. All Approved. Health and Safety Meeting was held on April 5th. Discussion continued and a letter with recommendations for Occupancy Ordinance was presented for the June meeting. One of the biggest concerns was how to deal with enforcement of safety, what a risk is and how to handle without excessive cost. Council will now be responsible for the decision at the June meeting. A permit from Logan Eros to continue a Kitchen expansion, Mike Kratz for and addition between the house and garage to hold a bathroom and laundry, and a new fence around perimeter, and Alison Schmidgall to install a playhouse structure were all submitted. All Permits approved in motion by Kisgen, seconded by Flaten. All Approved. Correspondence regarding the application of liquid chloride for dust control on a 1200' x 24' foot strip on the Buddies Road with an application fee of $1,344.00. A motion by Staples, seconded by Malo to approve this service was made. All Approved. New business, Kisgen motioned to allow Bedel to paint the interior city office and use hours accumulated during project as comp time. All Approved. A Motion was made by Kisgen, seconded by Staples to adjourn the meeting. All Approved. Respectfully submitted, Jodi Bedel, City Clerk