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Minnesota ranked third in national overall health

Minnesota places third among all 50 states for overall health, according to the latest edition of America’s Health Rankings, a nationwide comparative health index. It is sponsored by the United Health Foundation (UHF) in partnership with the American Public Health Association and Partnership for Prevention.

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This is the second straight year Minnesota has placed third in the annual rankings.

The index shows that Minnesota leads the nation in several positive health outcomes, including fewest days of poor physical health, fewest cardiovascular deaths per 100,000 people, and lowest number of years lost due to premature death per 100,000 people.

The state also earns praise for its high rates of physical activity and low rates of diabetes and infant mortality, which the report indicates is the lowest in 24 years. The full report is available online at, along with state-specific data.

The report highlights a number of ongoing challenges for Minnesota, including a high percentage of adults engaging in binge drinking (Minnesota ranks 47th), low immunization coverage among children (Minnesota ranks 37th for children between 19 and 35 months), and low per capita public health investment (Minnesota ranks 46th in this measure, with an investment of $47 in state and federal funding per person).

America’s Health Rankings is the longest-running comparative health index of states. It uses measures of behavior, community and environment, public and health policies, clinical care and health outcomes to describe the health and wellness of each state compared to all other states.