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Gas station owners and petroleum distributors urged to step up security

The Minnesota Department of Commerce received notice recently that #2 diesel gasoline at First Fuel Banks in St. Cloud was tampered with and contaminated sometime between August 16 and August 20.

As a precautionary measure, Commissioner Mike Rothman urged gas stations across the state to step up security by securing their tanks with locks and keeping tanks under video surveillance.

"The Commerce Department is working with the St. Cloud Police Department to closely monitor this single incident, and gas station owners should be vigilant in their own security measures as well," said Rothman. "Our Weights and Measures Division worked quickly to identify affected consumers and will continually monitor the situation as required to assist in this open investigation."

The Commerce Department Weights and Measures Division quickly launched its investigation, verifying that First Fuel Banks had notified affected customers and worked with them to replace any contaminated fuel and repair any affected equipment.

The department has confirmed that the contaminated fuel has been removed from sale, and all of the affected tanks that housed the fuel have been cleaned. Ongoing investigation and fuel testing will continue as needed.

The St. Cloud Police Department is investigating and seeking the public's help in solving the case. Customers who purchased #2 diesel anytime between August 16 to August 20 at 11 a.m. from either location of First Fuel Banks are urged to contact the Commerce Department's Weights and Measures Division at (651) 539-1555, or the St. Cloud Police Department.

First Fuel Banks' business is focused mainly on larger fleets, rather than individual customers. At this time, the contamination related to First Fuel Banks is reported to be an isolated incident. Gas station owners and petroleum distributors are reminded to be vigilant in protecting their supply.