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Mowing along railroad property prohibited

Mowing and haying on state railroad bank property is prohibited and considered a petty misdemeanor, according to the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

The cost to remove, repair or perform any corrective action caused by a violation of the law may be charged to the violator.

State rail bank property, which averages 100 feet in width, includes abandoned rail lines and right of way that MnDOT maintains for future public transportation use.

Mowing is prohibited because state rail bank property may contain noxious weeds that, when cut, can spread rapidly. In addition, the land may contain near-extinct prairie grasses and wildflowers.

The public is asked to report any violations to their local sheriff, or MnDOT representatives Mark Renn, road regulations (south central Minnesota), at (320) 223-6522; Ken Larson, road regulations (north central Minnesota), at (218) 828-5777; or Jim Utecht, permits (west central Minnesota), at (218) 846-7950.