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Miltona Elementary School in top 10 for performance

The Minnesota Campaign for Achievement Now (MinnCAN) announced that Miltona Elementary School is among the top 10 public schools for low-income student performance.

The school ranks ninth in the category of elementary school low-income student performance, according to MinnCAN's 2013 School and District Report Cards.

The report cards include letter grades for the following five categories, ranging from "A" to "F" based on Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment results that the Minnesota Department of Education released in August 2012:

• Student performance.

• Subgroup performance.

• Performance gains.

• Achievement gaps.

• Graduation rates.

"Great schools dot many pockets of the North Star state, yet we seldom take a step back to recognize the schools that post commendable student learning and achievement," said MinnCAN Executive Director Daniel Sellers. "We offer our School and District Report Cards as one vehicle of information and transparency so more educators and parents understand how well our schools educate children."

MinnCAN is an education reform advocacy nonprofit. It is building a movement of Minnesotans dedicated to creating the political will to enact smart public policies to ensure that every Minnesota child has access to a great public school.

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