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Mayor's Minute: Phase 3 has started!

A long trench was dug on Broadway this week to remove old steam pipes. Contributed photo.

Phase 2 - done! Pavers are in, striping is done. As in Phase 1, we will wait to get in the plantings and the bike racks. Moving on to the last phase sure feels like we are making progress!

Phase 3 began Monday with the removal of the existing pavement between Sixth Avenue and Eighth Avenue. As was the case on the first two phases, the pavement removal was done with a milling machine that grinds the asphalt and conveys the millings into trucks. All of this material is eventually recycled.

The pavement is now all removed and so are the old steam lines. Most of the curb and gutter are out and they are working in the basements of some of the businesses.

This week I took a picture right from City Hall corner as they took the steam pipes out of the ground. As a reminder, to get to the Bremer Bank drive-thru or City Hall, you will need to use Fillmore and take the detour right through the City Hall parking lot.

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This week I stopped by Hedine Jewelry and talked to brothers, Tom and Paul. Paul noted they haven’t had the construction right out front of them yet so this will be an interesting month or so.

“It seems to be going along nicely. The sections that are done look nice. It will be nice when it is all done,” Tom said. “At least half our business comes in our back door - our front door is our back door,” he said, laughingly.

They said they have been busy this summer and hope that it keeps up, so stop in and see the Hedine brothers. You can park in the city parking lot behind Hedine Jewelry – it’s their back front door!

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