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Junkermeier changes plea to guilty in Willmar murder case

By Forum News Service

WILLMAR, Minn. -- Brok Junkermeier pleaded guilty this afternoon to first-degree premeditated murder for killing an elderly woman last summer.

Action in Junkermeier’s jury trial was delayed as the 19-year-old met with attorneys and Judge Donald Spilseth in chambers at the Kandiyohi County District Court in Willmar. Junkermeier then took the stand and changed his plea, admitting that he and Robert “Robbie” Warwick planned the murder of Warwick's 79-year-old grandmother, Lila Warwick.

Spilseth set the sentencing for 9 a.m. April 9, allowing time for the Warwick family and other victims to prepare statements for the hearing.

Junkermeier’s $2 million bail was revoked and he was ordered held until sentencing. The penalty for first-degree murder is life in prison.

Junkermeier and Robert Warwick, 18, were both indicted on first-degree murder charges in September in the killing of Lila Warwick on July 29 at her residence on the east edge of Willmar.