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Ethanol industry shows resilience, according to report

WILLMAR, MN - The latest annual ethanol industry report, compiled by Christianson & Associates, PLLP (C&A), has been released. It provides analysis of changes and trends for a broad cross-section of the ethanol industry over the most recent six calendar quarters (January 2011-June 2012).

The information in the report is gleaned from actual production data gathered from plants throughout the United States and Canada who participate in the Biofuels Benchmarking program administered by C&A.

Dramatic changes in the ethanol industry over this time period, such as the expiration of the VEETC (also known as the "blender's credit"), make this year's report particularly relevant for key decision-makers in the biofuels industry.

John Christianson, principal partner at C&A, notes that although ethanol producers saw increasing challenges in 2012, the industry continues to mature and prosper. "By aggressively seeking out additional co-product revenue streams," commented Christianson, "plants can continue to remain profitable despite leaner margins."

The 53-page report contains overall analysis of a variety of contributing factors to plant profitability and efficiency, as well as special sections comparing performance by geographic region and plant production capacity.