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Clarissa man is contender on TV show, Sweet Home Alabama

Jeremiah James Korfe, a native and resident of Clarissa, is one of five bachelors remaining on the third season of CMT's series, Sweet Home Alabama.

Tensions flare between the guys from big cities and small towns as they fight for the affections of Paige Duke, the beautiful former NASCAR Sprint Cup Series ambassador and veterinary technician from Lancaster, S.C., who was featured in the series' second season. With only three episodes left in this season, each week's eliminations become tougher for Duke. The eighth episode of this season of the show airs Friday, March 2 at 8 p.m.

This week, ever closer to finding her soul mate, the Southern romance with Duke continues on private dates by a lake and in a historic Mobile, Alabama mansion. One of the suitors plans a dramatic surprise on his private date which can change everything. More bachelors are told that their future with Duke is at an end, as they leave Alabama heartbroken.

About Jeremiah Korfe:

Jeremiah James Korfe, 29, is a farmer from Clarissa. By day he raises beef cattle, corn and soybeans. By night he plays guitar and sings with his band From Joyce. He doesn't think city guys have the work ethic that is learned from the farm.

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