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Oil spill reported near Killdeer, ND

KILLDEER, N.D. - Denbury Onshore, LLC, reported that a wellbore failed in the course of a hydraulic fracturing operation at a drilling rig about 2 ½ miles southwest of Killdeer Wednesday morning, allowing oil and water to leak from the ground.

There is no contamination to the Killdeer drinking water, according to a press release

Personnel from the North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources and the North Dakota Department of Health responded onsite. No injuries or offsite impacts have been reported. Mineral Resource officials are investigating the cause, according to a press release.

The oil and water was fully contained by a protective dike surrounding the site, preventing release into a nearby creek.

All leaking fluid within the containment dike is being vacuumed into trucks and removed. About 500 barrels have leaked thus far and all have been recovered. Coil tubing will be used to seal the wellbore below ground. Crews expect to have it fully cemented by later today or tomorrow.

The nearest city that accesses area ground water is Killdeer. The wellbore failure occurred more than a mile outside the city's wellhead protection area, meaning that it will not affect Killdeer's drinking water supplies. Based on preliminary information, the Department of Health has no evidence of adverse impact on private wells; however, the department will continue to assess any potential impact, according to the press release.

A number of monitoring wells will be drilled today to determine if there was any underground seepage. If any seepage is detected, the Department of Health will oversee its removal.


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