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Food warehouse roof in Fargo collapses

FARGO - Snow and ice buildup was blamed for a roof collapse at the Sysco Food Service warehouse in north Fargo this morning.

No one was injured.

The roughly 50-by-100-foot section of roof that came crashing to the warehouse floor about 7 a.m. today was part of a 100-by-100-foot section that partially collapsed about 10:15 p.m. Monday, Fargo Fire Capt. Mike Hendrickson said.

Monday's partial collapse broke a main sprinkler line, flooding the warehouse and front office area with 4 inches of water and causing an estimated $300,000 in damage.

The sagging roof section came to rest on the tall storage racks in the warehouse at 3225 12th Ave. N., Hendrickson said.

Crews cleaned up the water and had the area cordoned off when half the section let loose this morning, he said.

Today's collapse also buckled a load-bearing wall that splits the warehouse from the cooler area and put stress cracks in a west exterior load-bearing wall.

Ice buildup was more than a foot thick on some areas of the roof that collapsed to the floor, Hendrickson said.

The collapse shut down operations at the warehouse, which serves clients in North Dakota, northwest Minnesota and northern South Dakota, said Mark Lanctot, president and CEO of Sysco Foods North Dakota.

The company is working to deliver products to those customers from Sysco Foods facilities in Minneapolis, Billings, Mont., and Lincoln, Neb., he said.

"At this point, we're going to be spending time just making sure the facility's secure, and fortunately, again, everybody's safe," he said.

Sysco Food Systems is located at 3225 12th Ave. N.


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