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Airport service from St. Cloud to Chicago considered

Here's a chance to have a voice in the future of St. Cloud air service.

The St. Cloud Regional Airport has launched an air service survey, collecting data on local travel patterns that will be shared with prospective airlines to support new flight routes.

The results of the survey will reveal the number of trips local travelers take each year, which airports they're using now, where they're traveling to, and what local travelers would support in terms of local service at the airport.

Leaders are considering a new effort to bring O'Hare service to the region.

The first part of that effort is determining which individuals and companies might use the service.

The survey is being conducted by Sixel Consulting Group (SCG), an airport consulting firm based in Eugene, Oregon. SCG works with dozens of small and mid-size airports throughout the country, specializing in recruiting new air service.

The survey is open to anyone, and can be reached through the Airport's homepage at