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Minnesota Department of Revenue receives award for plain language

The Minnesota Department of Revenue recently accepted a State Innovation Award for its work on plain language. 

The award, presented by the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs, recognizes the agency’s work to provide information that is easy to find, understand, and use, through plain language writing techniques.

In an awards ceremony held at the Minnesota History Center, Revenue Commissioner Myron Frans remarked, “Plain language at the department saves our customers time, energy, and headaches while at the same time making us more efficient.

“These opportunities for plain language are there all across state government and it’s encouraging to see other state agencies training their employees, rewriting their materials, and making it a priority to provide plain, understandable information.”

The awards ceremony highlighted the department’s plain language successes including improved call center wait times, simplified and understandable letters, and streamlined Web pages based on usability testing.

The department was one of 10 winners presented with awards during the ceremony.

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