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League of Women Voters focuses on women's role in government

At a recent Alexandria Area League of Women Voters meeting, Alexandria mayor Sara Carlson (left) and county commissioner Bev Bales spoke about the challenges for women in leadership positions.

The Alexandria Area League of Women Voters held its annual meeting on Wednesday, May 14, with a focus on women in government.

Alexandria Mayor Sara Carlson and county commissioner Bev Bales discussed how they became interested in public service and the challenges for women, who are in the minority in leadership roles.

They agreed that governing is complicated and it is often difficult to satisfy constituents with competing interests. Women can bring a different perspective to some issues, and Carlson and Bales encouraged political involvement.

According to a recent CNN publication, on a national level, the U.S. ranks 73rd globally in the percentage of women in their country’s legislature, tied with Turkmenistan.

The Alexandria League plans to be active this fall with the next election cycle.

Dedicated to the promotion of informed voters, the league will be involved in voter registration and candidate forums for elections of Minnesota governor, Senate and State House of Representatives, as well as local Alexandria City Council and Douglas County commissioners.

For information about the Alexandria League of Women Voters, contact Jeanne or Ken Howell at