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Local forum will address health care issues

The Douglas County Democratic Farmer Labor Party (DFL) will sponsor an open forum on health care issues.

It will take place Thursday, October 8 at 7 p.m. at the Alexandria Technical College in Room 205.

The program is open to the public and is intended to address a topic that directly impacts every individual and family in the community and nation.

The health and welfare of Douglas County families are important to everyone living in the county, even those who presently have health insurance coverage, according to organizers of the forum.

Adults who have untreated health problems are not good employees; students who have untreated health problems are not good students, they noted.

Some individuals presently on disability are unable to work because their health problems were not treated.

In order for a community, a state, a nation to thrive and prosper, their inhabitants must all receive the health care they need and seek, said local DFLers.

Speakers for this session include William Flaig, administrator of the Douglas County Hospital; Sandy Tubbs, Public Health director; and Charlotte Fisher, president of the Greater Minnesota Health Care Coalition.

There will also be a question and answer session moderated by Dr. Lowell Anderson, professor emeritus, Indiana State University.

Forum organizers offered the public some questions to consider:

•The stakes for businesses, workers, children and retirees.

•Health care quality.

•Recommendations for health care reform.

•Criteria for a public plan.