Council revises hangar leases


At the request of the Alexandria Airport Commission, the Alexandria City Council agreed to revise a few items in the leasing conditions of the T-hangar at the airport.

New language was added that allows tenants to have more than one aircraft in a hangar.
Another revision concerns the time period individuals have for giving up their hangar space after selling their airplane. The current lease states that the tenant must give up their hangar after 60 days from the sale date. A clause was added to give the airport manager the discretion to allow for a time extension.

Also, at the advice of the city attorney, the city agreed to merge the T-hangar terms and conditions document with the T-hangar lease agreement to form one document. This is expected to eliminate the chance of a tenant signing a lease without proof of seeing or receiving a copy of the terms and conditions.

Debt service fund

Another item that came out of Monday night's Alexandria City Council meeting that was not included in other council coverage concerned a budget item.

The council agreed to close a debt service fund from 2007 because the debt has been paid. The residual assets in the fund, about $300,000, will be transferred to a 2016 debt service fund to use for future debt obligations or to possibly lower debt service levies.