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Commissioner Bales appointed to national committee

Glen Whitley, president of the National Association of Counties, has re-appointed Douglas County Commissioner Bev Bales to the National Committee of Programs and Services.

The Douglas County Board also approved Bales to serve on this committee this year.

The purpose of the committee is to help the officers and the board of directors with recommendations about the need for new member programs and services and the effectiveness of new or existing association member programs and services.

The committee works closely with the membership committee, whose purpose is to help recruit and retain members of NACo and to develop programs and services designed to increase membership. All 87 Minnesota counties belong to NACo.

NACo is a membership organization, comprised of county officials from across the country. The primary goal is to help county officials and staff better serve their constituents through legislative action, conferences, grants, training, research information and other programs and services.

A recent program is the Discount National Drug Program. Bales led the Energy Star Program for Douglas County and its participation won first in the nation for counties under 50,000 population.

"I'm pleased to again serve on this committee," said Bales. "With the use of webinars, conference calls and e-mails, the need for travel is cut to a minimum, which saves many dollars to the county, yet allowing for a great exchange of ideas and information to be realized."