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Alexandria Public School elementary students 'cash in' on creativity

Miltona Science Magnet School Creative Thinking winners are Isaac Grieve (left) and Hailee Runnoe. (Contributed)1 / 6
Carlos Elementary School Creative Thinking winners are (left to right) Lars Dropik, Joe Ravnik and Izzy Gerhardt. (Contributed)2 / 6
Lincoln Elementary School Creative Thinking winners are (left to right) Rylee Bundermann, Mia Haugen, Molly Schmidt and Anika Haug. (Contributed)3 / 6
Garfield Elementary School Creative Thinking winners are Sophia Petersen (left) and Kaci Short. (Contributed)4 / 6
Voyager Elementary School Creative Thinking winners are (left to right) Lily Eken, Sydney Keogh, Ashley Lanus, Makenna Maus, Rachael Mohr and Peyton Goetsch. (Contributed)5 / 6
Students from Discovery Middle School who attended the regional Mathcounts competition include (left to right) Ethan Johnson, Jacob Tiegen, Zach Kent and Bryant Johnson. They stand with their advisor, Denise Murken. (Contributed)6 / 6

More than 150 Alexandria Public School students in grades 2-5 participated in the "Cash In" on Creative Thinking contest.

Students were challenged to create a purse, wallet or piggy bank using only duct tape, newspaper and cardboard. Contest entries were evaluated on creative use of materials, complexity of design and "use-ability."

The following students, followed by their grade level and listed by school, were selected as winners:

Carlos: Lars Dropik, fifth; Joe Ravnik, fourth; and Izzy Gerhardt, third.

Garfield: Sophia Petersen, fifth, and Kaci Short, second.

Lincoln: Rylee Bundermann, fifth; Anika Haug, third; Mia Haugen, fifth; and Molly Schmidt, third.

Miltona: Isaac Grieve, second, and Hailee Runnoe, fourth.

Voyager: Lily Eken, second; Peyton Goetsch, fifth; Sydney Keogh, second; Ashley Lanus, third; Makenna Maus, fourth; and Rachael Mohr, fourth.

Woodland: Elly Homelvig, third; Aidan Larson, fifth; Ella Schunemann, fourth; and Colie Theis, third.