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Students learn about organic and local food at From Your Garden lab

Those who created the most flavorful pico de gallo at a recent From Your Garden lab held at Jefferson High School in Alexandria were Autumn Klug, Ashlynne Jesertiz, Alexa Streich. (Contributed)

Alexandria students recently learned the importance of sustainable, organic and local food through a hands-on “From Your Garden” lab that kick off the first week of school.

Fresh ingredients were sourced from Elden’s Fresh Foods, the Alexandria Farmer’s Market, Broadway Bistro and student/teacher gardens.

Students in the 9th grade regional foods class at Discovery Middle School watched a demonstration on creating fresh pico de gallo, safety, culinary techniques and farm to fork information on health and flavor were discussed.

Students were able to participate in creating a spicy and mild product.

Students from Jefferson High School were given fresh, healthy, garden ingredients and were set up to challenge other lab groups to come up with the most flavorful pico de gallo.

The winning lab was made by Autumn Klug, Ashlynne Jesertiz and Alexa Streich.