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Update: Woman dies in Alexandria apartment fire

Travels in Jordan and Syria to be featured

Alexandria Community Education is offering the class “On the Road to Damascus: Travels in Jordan and Syria” on Thursday, October 3 at 7 p.m. at Discovery Middle School in Alexandria. This class was rescheduled from an earlier date.

SpeakerJordan and Syria are part of the Fertile Crescent, which is located in the middle of the ancient world and is the birthplace of agriculture and civilization of the Old World.

Both countries are a microcosm of the history and cultures that dominated the Middle East from the dawn of history to the empires of Greece, Rome, Persia and the Ottomans.

Although the modern states emerged out of the post-World War I division of the Middle East by Britain and France, the old and new together still influence the character of the region.

Hosts Abdullah and Elaine Jaradat will bring some of the people and sights to the class through pictures, artifacts and reflections on time spent living in both countries and the current political turmoil that may soon redefine the Middle East.

Born in Jordan, Abdullah currently works at the U.S. Department of Agriculture Research Laboratory in Morris. He monitors current events in the Middle East as part of his interest in agricultural developments in the most food deficient region in the world.

To register, visit or call (320) 762-3310. Cost is $13.