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Oklahoma! to be presented by Jefferson High School

Anna Peterson and Jack Stoeck recently rehearsed for the Jefferson High School theater department's spring production of Oklahoma!, to be performed April 18-21 at the Discovery Middle School auditorium in Alexandria. (Contributed photo)

Nearly 50 students, grades 9-12, in the Jefferson High School (JHS) theater department in Alexandria will comprise the cast, crew and orchestra of their spring musical, Rodgers and Hammerstein's Oklahoma!

This American classic tells the story of cowboys and ranchers on the western frontier as territories become states and people fall in love.

Oklahoma! contains songs such as "Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'," "People Will Say We're in Love," "Surrey With the Fringe on Top," and "Oklahoma."

Jessica Chipman is the director, Kayla Noble is the assistant director and vocal coach, Raymond Noble is the orchestra director and vocal coach, Lynne Cosmano and Jodi Hintzen are the costume designers, and Jay Chipman is the set designer. Jessica Chipman is the choreographer, with assistance from Kayla Noble and sophomore Anna Peterson.

Oklahoma! will run April 18-21 in Discovery Middle School auditorium in Alexandria. Tickets cost $10 for adults and $8 for students. Reserved seating is available by calling (320) 762-7754.


Molly Fitzgerald - Aunt Eller

Curly - Jack Stoeck

Laurey - Anna Peterson

Ike Skidmore - Daniel Roers

Fred - Brendan Sieve

Slim - Tyler Schmidt

Will Parker - Jimmy Pfeffer

Jud Fry - Anthony Smith

Ado Annie Carnes - Tori Long

Ali Hakim - Tyler Carlson

Gertie Cummings - Emma Lawrence

Ellen - Haley Wegner

Kate - Larami Kisthart

Sylvie - Leanza Wohlfeil

Armina - Grace Griffin

Aggie - Emmy Bear

Andrew Carnes - Aaron Halvorson

Cord Elam - Andrew Sheets

Jess - Kyle Pietrowski

Chalmers - Cris Cottington

Mike - Gabe Klepper

Sam - Aaron Pietrowski

Vivian - Lexi Hagen

Virginia - Danielle Cumberbatch

Ensemble - Emily Prestby

- Kari Norheim

- Alyssa Welle


Stage Manager - Katie Gripne

Lights - Payton Thesing

- Kreg Anderson

Sound - Bailee Atchison

Props - Annika Peck

Publicity - Payton Thesing

Costumes - Madison Nowling-Kjellberg

Set - Tristen Chamberlin

- Spencer Vogel

- Kreg Anderson


Michael Ferguson

Kris Aeseng

Emily Merten

Kirby Karpan

Halie Nettleton

Carly Snell

Stephanie Anderson

Amilia Golde

Miranda Muzik