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JHS theater students earn honors

Jefferson High School (JHS) in Alexandria received honors from the Hennepin Theatre Trust 2012 SpotLight Program.

Now in its seventh year, the program honors, supports and advocates for Minnesota high school musical theater students and programs.

This year, a record number of 56 schools are presenting musicals made possible by the collaboration of nearly 5,000 students.

JHS received the following honors for its production of Little Shop of Horrors:

• Outstanding Performance by a Student Orchestra.

• Honorable Mention for Overall Performance.

• Outstanding Performance in a Leading Role - Gabriel Myrin as Seymour and Alex Blaser as Audrey.

• Outstanding Performance in a Supporting Role - Ted Deitz as Audrey II (Plant Voice) and Emma Lawrence as Audrey II (Puppeteer).

• Honorable Mention Performance as a Supporting Character - Jenna Collins as Mrs. Luce.

• Honorable Mention Performance by a Featured Ensemble - the Doo Wop girls - Kaci McCoy as Chiffon, Tori Long as Crystal, Kalee Guenther as Ronnette.