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Student Showcase winners announced

Winning photos included Hadley Mikkeson's "Munsinger Gardens Close-up", and Jack Englund's "When No One is Looking" (upper right). (Photo by Karla Mikkelson)1 / 2
Winning photos included Isabelle Hartokolis' "Scarlet Summers" (left) and Nick Nettleton's untitled log photo (top center). (photo by Karla Mikkelson)2 / 2

The student talent was displayed everywhere at Discovery Middle School (DMS) on March 15 during the third annual Student Showcase celebration.

The event was presented by the Alexandria Public Schools Education Foundation, Jefferson High School (JHS) "A" Club and Education Minnesota Alexandria.

It was an evening of celebration, recognition, awards and entertainment highlighting the artistic, musical and academic talent of the youth in School District 206.

The event included vocal and instrumental performances, Destination ImagiNation team performances, speech and drama presentations; art, writing and academic displays, science fair exhibits, creativity contest entries and technology demonstrations.

In conjunction with the showcase, prizes were awarded in the following categories. Students received cash prizes of $50 for 1st place, $25 for 2nd place and $15 for 3rd place.

Photography, grades 5-6: 1st - Jack Englund, 5th grade, Lincoln; 2nd - Nick Nettleton, 6th grade, Voyager; 3rd - Hadley Mikkelson, 5th grade, Woodland.

Photography, grades 7-8: 1st - Chris Jorud, 8th grade, DMS; 2nd - Isabelle Hartokolis, 8th grade, DMS; 3rd - Jack Schouweiler, 7th grade, DMS.

Limerick, grades 5-6: 1st - Kiley Jorgenson, 6th grade, Miltona; 2nd - Kodi Bundermann, 5th grade, Lincoln; 3rd - Brynne Pass, 6th grade, Miltona.

Limerick, grades 7-8: 1st - Kimberly Snell, 7th grade, DMS; 2nd - Emma Ziegler, 7th grade, DMS; 3rd - Emily Holzer, 7th grade, DMS.

Visual art two-dimensional, grades 9-12: 1st - Brooke Rinicker, 9th grade, DMS; 2nd - Carly Snell, 10th grade, JHS; 3rd - Anna Peterson, 9th grade, DMS.

Six-word story, grades 9-12: 1st - Reanna Brede, 12th grade, JHS; 2nd - Micaela Swenson, 9th grade, DMS; 3rd - Kaylee O'Brien, 9th grade, DMS.

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