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Knowledge Bowl teams fare well at recent meets

The Jefferson High School Knowledge Bowl competed at a couple of events in the past few weeks.

Knowledge Bowl is a competition of teams of four to five people. The team completes a 60-question written test as well as four 45-question oral rounds. The questions cover all categories of academics.

The JHS team coaches are Tom Smith and Julie Duncan.

Following are the results:

February 6 results

JHS teams competed on Saturday, February 6 at the Lucky Lindy Invitational in Little Falls.

The two JHS varsity teams finished 8th and 17th out of 30 teams. The first team was made up of Paul Yager, Paul Strand, Colin Ryan, Emma Sieling and Jonas Carlsen. The other varsity team consisted of Drake Johnson, Keegan Jorgenson, Morgan Hinzmann, Jade Guenther and Angela Breitenfeldt.

The two junior varsity teams entered finished 10th (team members are Emi Smith, Kaci McCoy, Jenna Collins and John Turner), and 12th (team members are Christian Thompson, Nick Schlapkohl, Jordan Roatch and Vinny Costa) out of 24 teams.

The question of the day was: Ralph Waldo Emerson was referring to what law of 1850 when he said this? By God, I will not obey this filthy enactment!

February 12 results

The teams competed at their second meet of the season on Friday, February 12 in Fergus Falls to participate in the KB quadrangular meet with Moorhead, Evansville and Lake Park-Audubon.

JHS's top team of Paul Yager, Paul Strand, Colin Ryan, Emma Sieling and Jonas Carlsen flirted between 2nd and 3rd before settling for 3rd after the last round.

The team of Drake Johnson, Jade Guenther, Keegan Jorgensen, Ben Vickstrom and Morgan Hinzmann had a couple of strong rounds to move into 5th place.

The team of Ellen Johnson, Theresa Nelson, Emi Smith, Jenna Collins and Kaci McCoy were awarded the Moving Up Award for moving up the most spots in ranking. They went from 12th place to 4th over two rounds, eventually finishing in 8th place.

Rounding out the JHS scoring were John Turner, Christian Thompson, Nick Schlapkohl, Jordan Roatch and Vinny Costa in 9th. The Moorhead teams finished 1st, 2nd, 4th and 7th.

The question of the match: What nickname for Symphony #94 in G Major comes from the loud chord in the midst of the quiet and peaceful second movement that Hayden said "will make the ladies jump?"

Alexandria hosted its first-ever CLC Conference Knowledge Bowl meet Monday. The results of that event will be in next Wednesday's Echo Press.