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JHS Math Leagues takes 1st place at last meet

The math league from Jefferson High School (JHS) in Alexandria participated in its 5th and final meet of the season on February 9 against Breckenridge, Fergus Falls and Moorhead. The JHS team took 1st place with a score of 69, and also finished in 1st place in the south half of their division.

The meet participants included Jordan Arel, Jared Bents, Jen Decock, Kyle Fulghum, Drake Johnson, Katie Lovrien, Austin McCoy, Kelli Montbriand, Danielle Parkin, Caroline Roers, Jill Rook, Colin Ryan, Will Sieling, Leah Stinson, John Turner, Danielle Vanderhyde, Zoe Weltzin and Paul Yager.

Top individual scorers were Turner with 10 points and Stinson with nine points. Stinson led the team in overall points with 38 for the season. Turner was the second leading scorer with 33.

Team scores are calculated by combining the scores of eight pre-selected individuals on individual exams and points earned during a team exam.

During the individual rounds, students have 12 minutes to complete four math problems. The first problem is worth one point and the other three are worth two points. Each student takes two exams. The maximum an individual can earn at one event is 14 points. The problems cover topics in algebra, geometry, advanced algebra, trigonometry, pre-calculus and calculus.