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Students lend helping hand to Haiti

JHS students purchased T-shirts and made donations for the Haiti Relief Fund during a recent school lunch period.

The earthquake that struck Haiti caused lots of loss and despair.

People lost houses, personal belongings and loved ones.

In this time of need, people have banded together to help support the victims of Haiti.

Nicole Swedberg, Mamie Clark, Mercedes Klimek and Henry Coleman, students at Jefferson High School (JHS) in Alexandria, joined together to help out for the cause.

For two weeks in a row, these students set up a fundraiser in the JHS cafeteria to help seek donations and raise awareness to what is going on in Haiti.

Students and other people in the school had an opportunity to buy a Haiti Relief Fund T-shirt and donate money.

All proceeds are scheduled to go in a direct fund to Haiti. To ensure this, the team had an American Red Cross representative come to the school and sit with them during lunch for a few days.

"Nicole thought of the idea and asked Henry, Mercedes and myself if we wanted to help out," said Mamie Clark, JHS junior. "We saw what the people of Haiti were going through and figured that the least we could do is donate a little time and money to help out."

The team members figured that they sold more than 50 T-shirts and brought in a profit of more than $1,000 in the past two weeks.

With great results, the fundraiser will not stop here. In the next week, the JHS students will be setting up at Discovery Middle School and multiple churches in town to seek donations.