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June 15

An Evansville firefighter noticed a couple of vehicles at the storage units near County Roads 82 and 24 shortly after midnight. Deputies issued tickets for underage alcohol consumption.

Deputies cited two juveniles for underage alcohol consumption in Kensington

A fight in an alley was reported at 20 Central Avenue in Kensington at 1:08 a.m. Two people were arrested for disorderly conduct.

An unknown driver of a large truck tore up the grass and driveway area of a residence on 10th Avenue SW, Alexandria. Similar tracks were found on Mina Shores Road.

June 16

Deputies responded to a report of someone burning kitchen trash near Little Ida Beach Road NW, Garfield. He was warned that if he burns prohibited materials again, he will be cited for it.

A resident lost a black wallet at the Lake Mina public access.

A tree fell into a powerline at the intersection of Highway 27 and County Road 7. REA crews fixed the problem.

A driver in a white van ran into a building at 20811 County Road 82 NW, Evansville and then sped off. The impact pushed in bricks and may have bent a gas line. The driver was later found at the Millerville Liquor Store. He admitted hitting the building but didn’t think he damaged it. He agreed to pay for the damage.

A boat floated off a lift on Lake Carlos and is missing. It’s a blue and white 16-foot Alumacraft.

A resident on Government Point Road reported that someone’s boat floated to his place on Lake L’Homme Dieu. He tied it up to his dock.

June 17

Dispatch received a report of someone dumping garbage on Cody Court NE near County Road 73.


June 15

Several items were stolen from a shop near 34th Avenue West.

June 16

A shoplifter was apprehended at Mills Fleet Farm and cited for theft.

Three tires and rims were taken from a yard on Seventh Avenue East.

June 17

Dispatch received a report about a woman who was seen at the Walmart parking lot dragging her child by the arm. She reportedly banged his head against the car, was screaming at him and slapped him.

A resident reported that she has been the victim of identity theft.

June 18

While on foot patrol on Broadway between Third and Sixth Avenue at about 4:30 a.m., an officer located and cited three juveniles for curfew violations. One was also cited as a runaway.