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June 11

Deputies assisted at the scene of a one-vehicle rollover in Grant County near Sand Lake Road, northwest of Evansville at 8:02 a.m. A 65-year-old man suffered shoulder pain.

June 12

A resident on Lake Ida Way NW, Alexandria reported damage to a fox pelt.

An 8-foot-long Crow Wing gray kayak was reported missing on Lake Carlos.

June 13

Dispatch received a call from a Carlos resident who said he was given something and was having a “bad trip.” He told dispatch that his blood was burning and that he could be on acid. He was taken to the Douglas County Hospital and later transported to Fergus Falls Detox.

A resident on County Road 22 NW, Alexandria reported hearing more than 50 gun shots. It turned out to be a neighbor who was target shooting with a .380 firearm he had just bought.

A deputy stopped a vehicle on South Broadway near 22nd Avenue and cited a rear passenger for not wearing a seat belt. The passenger was standing up, looking out the moon roof. The driver was also warned.

Someone tipped over a tombstone from its base at the Carlos Prairie Cemetery near County Road 42. The stone didn’t appear to be damaged.

June 14

Five or six tackle boxes were stolen from East Lake Geneva Road.

A five-passenger, beige and turquoise paddle boat was reported missing on Lake Carlos.

A multi-vehicle crash blocked the intersection of 10th Avenue East and Broadway at 1:28 p.m. No injuries were reported. A deputy assisted with traffic control.

A pole and wires caught on fire near County Road 18 about a mile north of Rose City at about 2 p.m.


June 11

A gray computer bag was stolen from a vehicle parked near Irving Street and Fourth Avenue.

A resident on Park Street reported the theft of several items from his residence.

A gas leak was reported at 220 North Nokomis Street. Workers were redoing the parking lot in the back of the building and struck a gas line. CenterPoint Energy was notified.

A gas leak was reported at a residence on Seventh Avenue East. The fire department determined it was sewer gas. CenterPoint Energy was notified to confirm the cause.

A resident on Hawthorne Street saw someone crawl under her vehicle a couple of days ago and remove a part. The vehicle still runs but a service light is now on.

Dispatch received a complaint of someone illegally using a Dumpster on 22nd Avenue West.

A resident on Irving Street requested an officer to give her a breathalizer test because she had been drinking and the last time it was measured at 0.44. She was concerned she may have drank too much again. This time, her alcohol level was 0.398 and she was taken to the hospital.

A resident on Sixth Avenue East reported that a woman she owes money to keeps following her. She has not spoken to her. The resident could not remember the woman’s name.

A resident lost his wallet on June 8 in City Park.

A resident on Ninth Avenue West reported that his vehicle was egged last night.

June 12

A pink, white and silver bicycle was stolen at 507 Broadway.

A juvenile shoplifter was apprehended at Mills Fleet Farm.

A gun was reportedly stolen from a car parked at Juettner Motors.

June 13

Four tires were slashed in the parking lot behind Traveler’s Inn overnight.

Someone stole a 320-foot-long chain and six stretchers off a trailer parked near 50th Avenue.

A cell phone was reported stolen at the Geneva Bible Center.

Four pictures were stolen from a hallway at Traveler’s Inn.

An officer responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle parked at the dog park near County Road 46 and arrested a woman for obstruction and drug paraphernalia.

A juvenile shoplifter was apprehended at Mills Fleet Farm. Another shoplifter, an adult male, was apprehended at the store a couple of hours later.

A 1997 dark green Town and Country minivan was stolen from the parking lot at Walmart.

June 14

A 9-year-old was caught shoplifting at Viking Plaza. The matter will be held internally with the store.

A purse was stolen from 35 Browns Point Road NW, Alexandria.

June 15

Wheels and tires were removed from four new pickup trucks at Alexandria Motors. A fifth vehicle is missing one tire.